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Temporary residence permit in Lithuania

Have you decided to start your own business Lithuania?

Does your current business require you to spend a considerable amount of time in the Schengen Agreement countries?

Are you interested in whole Europe as a place for unrestricted movement and residence?

There's one conclusion to all three questions: you need a temporary residence permit in Lithuania.

This document will give you the right to temporary reside in Lithuania for a specified period. You'll have the right to choose a place of residence in Lithuania and to move freely across the European Union and the Schengen area.

For many years Baltic House of Business and Migration has been specializing in business immigration matters in Lithuania and Europe and providing related services to foreign nationals.

Want to stress that we do not charge for consultation and advice, but only for well done job!
What makes us different from many others involved in this type of activity: Any firm in Lithuania will manage your documents, address, extracts and profile, not particularly caring about dozens of nuances necessary to achieve positive result. That's because they will take your money right after providing the documents to the Migration Service. And, as they say themselves, they can't guarantee you a 100% result.

Baltic House of Business and Migration is different. We not only guide you through all stages and provide documentation to the Migration Service, but also control the progress of the process of obtaining a residence permit, thus ensuring you a 100% guarantee that the result will be positive.

The steps we will take with you to obtain a temporary residence permit in Lithuania
  1. Conversation, clarification of individual situation, signing the contract.
  2. Complete registration of your company (document preparation, residue address suitable for business migration, formation of share capital, bank account, registration at state institutions).
  3. Help in declaring residence in Lithuanian capital (with document translations if necessary).
  4. Help in getting an urgent invitation to come to Lithuania to participate in provision of migratory documents, or sending of migration package to you for submission of the documents to Lithuanian embassy in your country (saving you time and money).
  5. When all the documents and forms are submitted to our migration service or to the embassy in your country, complete control of the entire process of obtaining a residence permit to the end. Usually it takes no more than 3 months.
  6. After you get a residence permit, we will help you resolve accounting and social security issues etc.
Complete service (temporary residence permit in Lithuania) takes 3 weeks
  • Establishment of a JSC with representation (10 work days)
  • Registration of residue address for the individual
  • Deposition of share capital (from 10,000 to 50,000 litas)
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Provision of the invitation (if necessary)
  • Stamp
  • Accounting services
  • Control of all consideration phases of your request
  • A temporary residence permit in Lithuania
  • Employment contract
  • Registration in the Social insurance service
  • Migration tax

Price of obtaining a Temporary residence permit in Lithuania

We do not compete for the smallest price, we just do not have competitors because we take responsibility for each of the services provided to the end and guarantee success!

We work for wealthy clients who are focused on quality and guarantee.
You can book any of our services either as part of the complete package or separately. For example, you can order one of our pre-registered companies if it is urgent and necessary. You can buy a residue address separately, sell or liquidate a company, hire an accountant or migration specialist. However, we only give a guarantee if all the services are ordered through our House.
You can contact our specialists at any time.
We take the job only if we can guarantee 100% success.

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