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About us

Elite services for respectable clients

Baltic House of Business and Migration unites the best migration service providers and specialists in enterprise establishment in Lithuania and other EU member states.
Our House and the project helps with establishing of enterprises in Lithuania and other countries of European Union, getting Residence permits in Lithuania, trades of businesses and enterprises to prosperous clients from all over the world.

Why Baltic House of Business and Migration?

Here are our main rules.

  1. We provide elite services only and take 100% responsibility for them.
  2. We do not take money for our consultations. Our policy is to take payment only upon signing a contract to provide necessary services.
  3. We always successfully finish the deal we accepted regardless of its cost to us and the relations it takes us to activate.
  4. We do not take minimum fees and do not compete in prices with anyone. We have no competitors ant take money for quality, speed and guarantee. Once you pay, you can rest assured that everything will be in accordance with your request.
  5. We do not share any information we receive from our clients nor do we share any information about our clients.
  6. Most of our services include free meeting, transfer to the hotel and vehicle with a driver during the time of providing the service. If needed, we will also provide you with escort and a guard.

Our customers are people to whom quality of work and peace of mind has been more important than money for a long time already.
All tasks are performed under the guidance of prominent lawyers and professionals in their fields.

In 2011 – 2012, when the world began to recover after the first wave of the crisis, our House had a period of prosperity – amount of VIP orders increased 10 times compared to 2010. Demand for the services offered by project began grow rapidly in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and other countries.

Our VIP client list was recently extended by citizens of Kazakhstan, Moldova, India, China, Pakistan and several Arab countries. The list consists of not only physical, but also juridical persons, who could afford ordering one of our guaranteed services.
Orally and in writing we communicate with our customers in 16 languages; you will be never be left misunderstood.
Recently we have added passenger transportation, vehicle rental, accounting and law services to the list of our migration-related and enterprise establishment services. We also deal with corporate sales, purchases and other interesting investment projects.
We invite to work the accountants and lawyers of highest category.

Currently the Baltic House of Business and Migration ( is constantly increasing the list of its partners. We work with notaries, lawyers and immigration records center staff, we have a team of accountants and talented professionals in business organization, advertising and marketing.

Today provide a lot of advice and assistance to people all over the planet, helping them to take care of their own future.

Our goals

Excellent performance of customer's task.

Our clients

Our clients are wealthy private and juridical persons from Lithuania and other countries, who are ready to pay for quality and guarantee.

Our specialists

Our specialists are an elite of experienced professionals with great possibilities and extensive contacts.

Our achievements

Year 2011
The citizens of 40 states turned to us for services.
The amount of enterprise establishments increased almost ten times.
There was not one negative response to a residence permit request in Lithuania.

Year 2012
Chinese and Indian citizens became our new customers.
A new office has been opened to welcome even more people.
We earned reputation of a company which always fulfills its obligations.