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Registration of enterprises in Lithuania

Establishment of enterprises in Lithuania is one of our most popular services to Lithuanian and foreign citizens.

Presently, our company is the leader in establishing companies for foreigners.

Why is it better to establish through us?

In our company, establishment of companies is performed exclusively by experienced law professionals, because setting up enterprises for foreigners usually requires lots of refinements and nuances. Many firms simply do not inform their clients about this.

We have already established hundreds of companies for the citizens of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, India, China and many other countries.

We can establish such enterprises as private firms, JSC's, public enterprises, associations, companies, branches, offshore companies and charity funds.

To satisfy urgent needs, we also always have a range of already established companies. In this case, it will take you only one hour to become an owner of a company ready for work in Lithuania!

Average time it takes us to non-urgently establish a company is 5 days, which is also a relatively short time.

Enterprise establishment package includes:


  • Reservation of enterprise's name in the patent bureau;
  • Regulations of the enterprise;
  • Enterprise registration address (for constant use);
  • Establishment contract;
  • Bank account (with e-banking);
  • All necessary translations and their verification;
  • Notarial verification or regulation documents;
  • Enterprise registration in the Lithuanian Register of Legal Entities;
  • Enterprise registration in the State Tax Inspectorate;
  • Company Code;
  • Stamp;
  • Correspondence address;
  • Registration in the State Social Insurance Fund Board
  • Continuous free service.


All this is included in the price of the service. And you don't have to worry about quality of the service – all our services are provided with a warranty.

We also deal with all matters related to registration address for constant use and with depositing a share capital of 10,000 to 50,000 litas on your behalf.

Please note that all consultations at the Baltic House of Business and Migration are free of charge.

Our service prices meet the quality. We do not try to make our prices lowest, but we are among a select few who can give a guarantee on all provided services.

With us you can be absolutely sure – everything will be done quickly and efficiently.

Phone number for consultation and orders: +37067838244. E-mail:

Sincerely yours,


Lawyers team.