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How long does registration of a company take?

The duration varies. Depending on urgency and particular case we are able to register a company within 1–7 days.
Obviously, within one day we can only offer you to choose one of our pre-registered companies. Urgent registration of a company with your name takes 3–4 days. Normal registration takes 7 days.

Is it significantly more expensive if you register for foreigners?

We only take our reward for fully and perfectly provided services.
What matters is not whether or not you are a foreigner, but whether or not you are ready to pay for quality and warranty!
You do not have to worry about anything: just make us a call and our professionals will satisfy your request.

Can we buy the registration address from your firm?

Yes, we do provide services of this type, such as residue addresses, virtual office or virtual secretary, as well as other services that allow you to run business from a distance. For more information, call us: +370 606 255 55.
Could you help with company's registration for the VAT payer code?
Yes, we can help register for the VAT payer code. Cost of the service depends on the urgency of this process.

Can you guarantee that I will get a residence permit?

Yes, if you are in peace with the law.
Do you sell already registered companies?
Yes, we can always offer you the choice of 10–15 already registered enterprises, new and old, with and without accounting, with share capital of 10,000 to 100,000 litas.
Do you have already registered companies — with VAT payer status for sale?
Yes, usually we have such companies in the list.

Can you help if I do not have a residue address or share capital?

Not a problem! This is exactly what we do – help our clients.

Can you register a company on behalf of foreigners?

Yes, we specialize in working with foreigners, helping them from A to Z to complete the whole registration process. Often we do everything for our customers and only turn the company over to them when it's fully prepared for work.

Can you open a firm without participation of customer giving you an order from overseas?

Yes. Preparations will take 7 days, then we'll send the documents to the client for signing. Another option: an authorized person can sign on behalf of the customer.

Can you guarantee that with your participation a person will get the residence permit?

Only Migration Board may unconditionally guarantee. But we will take care of everything we can to help you avoid possible trouble at the Commission: invitation, visa, company registration. All this will be done quickly and professionally. By the way, none of our clients have been denied the permit so far.

How long will it take to obtain the residence permit with your support?

Document preparation will take us 3–4 weeks. Your application for residence permit can take the commission 3–6 months to consider. However, there are ways to speed up the process.

What would be the monthly cost to manage bookkeeping through you?

It mainly depends on the amount of work. Usually our price would be between 150 and 800 litas a month.

What is a Virtual Office?

You do not want to rent office space, but need a company address, phone number, fax, printer?
We can take all management of your customers for you.

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