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Sales of already established enterprises

Baltic House of Business and Migration constantly has at its disposition a wide range of already registered companies for your choice. 

You might need a pre-established enterprise when:

а) you do not have time for establishment, but need a company now; 

b) it is necessary to sign a contract or to buy something on the company's behalf urgently; 

c) you need an already operating (or dormant, but previously established) company. 


We are ready to sell such enterprises to you, both new and older, with share capital of 10,000 to 50,000 litas and accounting, or enterprises that had never operated at all. 

Prices are negotiable. One important detail: we give a guarantee that the company: 

  • Has no debts
  • Has no problems with taxes
  • Did not participate in doubtful financial transactions
  • Was completely legally established
  • And that never in the future will you have doubts about the past of company. 

You can find out exact names of available companies and their prices by calling our consultant at: +37067838244 or by writing e-mail to: