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Recruitment of Lithuanians in Lithuania

Recently our company established a new section — Migration 123 — based on already existing data. The section facilitates employment of foreign nationals in Lithuania. Needless to say, Lithuanians can successfully make use of this project too.

How to get a job in Lithuania

Recruitment of Lithuanians

By request of Lithuanian citizens, we can find them exact jobs or present them with a choice a suitable positions from our list, covering whole Lithuania.
We perform local search in the following key fields:

  • administrators and other office staff;
  • secretaries and accountants;
  • public service sector employees;
  • cooks and confectioners;
  • constructors and drivers.

Usually, such search takes up to 30 days and is paid for by the employer.

Our list has many available positions in the following fields:

  • workers of large supermarkets and security staff;
  • employees of warehouses and private factories;
  • workers in livestock and agricultural complexes;
  • private teachers;
  • cleaners.

Usually, employment takes as little as 7 days an is paid for by the employer.

NOTE: you will personally negotiate all terms and conditions of the job (duration, salary etc.) with the employer before signing the contract.

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