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We invite for collaboration companies specializing in services of similar kind all over the world.

We work with the highest level companies only which provide their services for respectable clients whose interest in quality is stronger than in price.

We also invite to collaborate companies providing any kind of VIP–services for elite clients:

  • Experienced lawyers whose time is really expensive.
  • Investment groups and banks providing services to high-class clients.
  • Elite shops representing the worldwide recognizable brands of clothes, jewelry and clocks.
  • Trade laces of elite only cars and yachts.
  • Elite hotels all over the world.
  • Other companies providing VIP–services.
  • We are constantly visited by clients to whom the money is not the most important thing anymore.
  • We will turn our VIP clients to you and will place your brands at our website; we do expect the same from your side.
  • Even one VIP client turned in the right direction can cover our and your monthly plans, so let's just help the golden client not pass by.

Attention for VIP guard and VIP passenger transfer companies! We offer such services to our clients.

Permanent job-offers for specialists with deep knowledge of English language, law and ethics.