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Employment in other European countries

Recruitment of Lithuanians and foreign citizen in other European countries
Our main focus today is collaboration with serious Norwegian, British and German companies. Very often we are directly involved in recruitment of staff in employing companies.

Recruitment of the citizens of European Union member states is relatively easy. In such cases, we gather all necessary documents, check your language skills if needed, then send the documents to the employer for signing.

After receiving signed documents, we send our customer or group to the job place. After arriving, our clients sign a job contract there and start working.

If our client is not a citizen of European Union member state, the process of recruitment becomes more complicated. In this case, invitation to work, signed by the employer, is also required. Our client signs it too, then receives a work visa, and only then relocates to the work place, where the employer is waiting.

NOTE: relocation costs are covered by the employee, but the accommodation is provided by the employer.

ATTENTION: All terms and conditions of the job (duration, salary etc.) are defined in the invitation to work the employer sends you, thus are known to you beforehand. You only sign the invitation if you agree with the terms and conditions.

Keep in mind that absence of bad habits and labor discipline is paramount, sometimes even more important than language skills and experience.
Payment for our services in this situation is a confidential matter, based on the contractual agreement.

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